The faculty and parents of Rose Valley School believe that students commit themselves to learning, accepting responsibility for their work and their behaviour. Our goal is to instil qualities such as common courtesy, manners, respect for others, self-discipline, responsibility and accountability, consistently enforcing the Rose Valley Student Code of Conduct

We expect students to behave responsibly, recognizing the rights of others to be physically safe, emotionally secured, and to pursue their own learning without interference. As nurturing as we aim at helping children to respect rules, we also recognize the time and energy this draws from others who are behaving appropriately. Our faculty and parents have a tremendous positive influence when setting clearly defined limits, providing appropriate consequences for behaviour.

The following school rules and regulations apply to students’ actions at any time when under the supervision and guidance of school personnel.


  • Attendance is compulsory during all daily assemblies, special assembly and all specified school functions.
  • Attendance at all school activities is compulsory
  • All students must participate in all school programme including sports, excursion and graduation ceremonies
  • P.T.A meetings and Open Day are compulsory for Parents


  • Students must attend lessons punctually
  • Lateness to school and Assembly will not be condoned
  • No student is to be found loitering around the school compound, classrooms or corridors during lessons.

Abiding by School and Class Rules

  • Students are expected to consistently abide by our behavior code. Obey teachers, the principal and others in authority.
  • The individual rules of each classroom should be followed, with any questions discussed first with the classroom teacher. Give full respect attention to your teachers, cooperatively following their directives.

School Hallways and Restrooms

  • When moving on school property, walk calmly and slowly. With the exception of Physical Education or organized Recess Period activities, there is to be absolutely no running, helping to prevent needless accidents.


  • Come to class prepared with all the materials you need and be ready to begin work on time. When students enter a classroom, it should be done in an orderly manner. Students should take their seats and prepare for their next lesson, and not exit until dismissed by a teacher.
  • During class lessons, excellent behaviour is always expected. Raise your hand politely and wait to be called upon if you wish to speak during a class lesson. If the class is involved in an informal discussion, take turns with others when speaking. Give your full attention to the teacher or student who is speaking, and allow other students to concentrate on their work. Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school.
  • All classrooms must be kept neat and tidy at all times; the class prefect should take responsibility of all properties as provided by the school.
  • It is forbidden for students to write or draw on classroom boards, wall and doors(except when asked to do so by a teacher)
  • Class prefects are to be role models to their classmates; they are to maintain order in their classes and must be obeyed especially while carrying out their duties.
  • In assignments, tests and examinations, plagiarism, cheating and other exam malpractices are forbidden.

Cafeteria /Playground

  • Lunch periods at school are to be conducted in an orderly manner with socializing permitted at a normal conversational level. Respect and good manners are expected.
  • Energetic play should happen outdoor only, and only with respect for others’ well-being. No rough play will be permitted.

Class Assignments

  • Homework and classwork assignments should be completed neatly, carefully, and on time. Students should work to their full potentials. If a child experiences difficulty in completing an assignment with “good cause”, the child’s parent should explain the situation to the teacher with a short note or phone call. The teacher may decide to oblige the student, allowing extra time to complete the assignment.


  • Students should never leave the school premises for any reason unless they are accompanied by parent, guardian or school faculty member, after properly “signed out” at the School Office.
  • Students are required to attend school faithfully. Tardiness and the early dismissal of students are discouraged. A student is considered tardy after attendance is taken in the morning. Students should be removed from school early only when a reasonable situation prevents the child from attending school for the entire day. Early dismissals interrupt both the child’s education and other students in class.
  • Whenever a student is absent from school for any reason, a note should be sent to school the day the child returns explaining the cause. This regulation is a legal protection for each child and his/her parents.

Respect for School and Personal Property

  • Be respectful of others’ belongings, using them only with permission. A student who steals or damages any property not belonging to him/her may be required to make appropriate restitution. Though the school manages a “lost-and-found” area, students are strongly encouraged to take care of their personal belongings.
  • Use equipment and materials in school for their intended purposes only. Students will be held accountable for proper care of school books, educational materials, and their classrooms, keep your work areas neat and litter-free.

Prohibited in school

  • Students are not permitted to bring chewing gum into the school building or on school grounds to prevent the litter it causes.
  • Refrain from the possession or use of any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. Failure to respect this regulation may have legal consequences resulting in suspension or expulsion.
  • Gambling, immoral, disrespectful or profane language will not be tolerated in the school or on school grounds.
  • Any type of immoral or indecent behavior will be addressed with stiff punitive measures.


The under listed are all prohibited in the school:

  • The wearing of ear rings and piercing of earlobes by male students
  • The wearing of nose rings
  • The wearing of bracelets and anklets
  • The use of mobile phones during school hours
  • The possession of micro and macro computer games


  • The use of Discman, Walkman, mp3, PlayStation, iPods etc.
  • The consumption of alcohol as well as the smoking of any substance

Honesty and respect for others

  • Honesty, respect and trust are student virtues highly valued and encouraged by Rose Valley Schools community. Treat others with kindness, respect and courtesy. Make other students feel welcome with your friends.
  • Settle disagreements with others through discussion, asking for help if you need it. Touch others and speak to others in kindness only. Refrain from aggressive or threatening behaviour towards fellow students, teachers or other school staff. Fighting or rough play are strictly prohibited in school. If a student experiences a problem with another student, he/she should notify the nearest teacher or aider immediately.

Dress Code

Daily: Students should be smartly dressed in the appropriate uniforms at all times.

  • Girls: Blue shirts and navy blue skirt with white socks on black shoes/sandals. No attachments to hair.
  • Boys: Blue shirts and navy blue short/trouser with white socks and black shoe/sandals and black belt.

Sports Wear

Students are allowed to put on sportswear only on Thursday i.e. Blue Polo Shirt on Navy Blue Shorts


The school’s cardigan is only acceptable cardigan

Student uniforms must be bought in the school only. No improvised uniform will be tolerated.




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Positive Impact

Rose Valley Schools has greatly impacted the lives of my children. All my three children graduated from this citadel of learning and I am very satisfied and proud of their academic transformation and performance, even in the higher institution of learning.
Rose Valley Schools
Rose Valley Schools has greatly impacted the lives of my children. All my three children graduated from this citadel of learning and I am very satisfied and proud of their academic transformation and performance, even in the higher institution of learning.
Rose Valley Schools
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